High school brawl!!!
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This is a tribute to all martial art/high school based Manga.
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 Hateshi Shukumei

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Hateshi Shukumei

Hateshi Shukumei

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PostSubject: Hateshi Shukumei   Hateshi Shukumei Icon_minitimeThu May 14, 2009 12:38 pm

Name: Hateshi Shukumei (Fate and Destiny)
Appearance : Tall and slender. Toned, but not that much muscle apparent.(see avatar)
Weapon (optional): katana, but mainly uses hands. (aikido style)
Background: Unknown. Seems to avoid the question. From a somewhat wealthy family, but was shunned by her family because of a prophecy told. She doesn't talk much of her family, and seems to be popular back at her old school, but bears no attachment to it. Brought up in Osaka, she has an accent, and although she can speak quite well with a Tokyo accent, doesn't do so often. (except for when she first meets with people)
Personality: Open, friendly, flirtatious, conniving. However, will beat the crap out of pervs ^__^ . Also she is very good at concealing any thoughts or emotions that aren't meant to be shown to others. Likes to mess with people's mind. Is a skilled actress.
Dating: no one.
Other: Can be quite shy, a genius, but doesn't show it very often. Likes to observe, and once again, set funny situations, and is amused with messing with people's heads.

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PostSubject: Re: Hateshi Shukumei   Hateshi Shukumei Icon_minitimeThu May 14, 2009 12:41 pm

but maybe a small bit on the backgound, obviously in rp no one will no, but so we got sum info
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Hateshi Shukumei
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