High school brawl!!!
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This is a tribute to all martial art/high school based Manga.
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 Hollis Edwards

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PostSubject: Hollis Edwards   Hollis Edwards Icon_minitimeThu May 14, 2009 6:42 pm

Name: Hollis LaPree Edwards (thats my actual full name btw^^)

Age: 17


weight: 157 lbs

Appearance (pics acceptable):hes a black guy

Fighting Style: Zui Quan/Tae shing pek kwar/shaiolin/street& some wing-chun

Weapon (optional): hollis has a monkey staff in his dorm that is as long as his body, but only uses it if he is fighting someone else qith a weapon. otherwise he thinks using weapons in a fist fight is weak.

Background: Hollis is an exchange student from the united states. Growing up on the streets of south dallas(Tx), hollis lived with his single mother with his younger sister hollie. as a child, he seemed very energetic and some-what aggressive. so when he was 6 and a half, his mother let him start learning shaiolin kung-fu to help him channel out some of his energy. as hollis grew, so did his skills. as hollis went through school, he got in a couple of fights at school, and never lost one. by the time hollis was in seventh grade, he had been in many tournements, and won several of them. but, hollis's mother was starting to run low on money, so she couldnt afford to have him stay in the class. hollis waw angry about this , but didnt take it out on his mother, instead, he tried to look for a new cheaper class so that he could keep his hobby. He looked around, but found nothing, until one day while he was out of town on vacation, he overheard two japanese men talking in native tongue. because hollis's school offered japanese, he understood most of what they were saying. they said that a former student of the shaolin temple named,Chao xiang is comming to live in some part of texas. hollis then interrupted the two men, and tried to ask in japanese, where he could find this person. they then told hollis in english that he could probably find him at the 22nd annual, big D martial arts tournement since its rumored his grand son is in it. -hollis felt like a fool for talking in japanese-. so then when hollis got back to dallas the day of the tournement. hollis took the bus to the tournement and looked around for chao xiang. he found him sitting in the middle of the stands, and asked him if he would train him. chao xiang understood what hollis had said, and replied. but hollis didnt understand what he said. the woman, that was his daughter told hollis in english that he can only understand english, but not speak it. so she translated for him, and said his response.she said that he appreciates the request,and is flattered but is only going to train his two grandkids (o, and shes like as old as my mom so dont get the wrong idea). hollis then told of how he loves kung-fu, and heard of his skill, and other such things to convince chao xiang, and the woman translated.after doing this for a while, he finally convinced chao xiang to let him train.the woman gave hollis the adress in longveiw tx , and said that thats wherd theyd be. chao xiang said to be there the next weekend as he was not settled in yet, and not to bring money. hollis asked his mom if he could go since he wouldnt have to pay anything and his mom said yes. so, that next weekend, hollis took the bus and train, to longveiw, and found the adress. when he arrived, he met, all of chao xiang's family who chao would be staying with , in the mid-sized two story house.after meeting everyone, chao xiang took hollis to the enormus backyard ( its like, fuckin huuuge) filled with martial arts equipment, both familiar and unfamiliar all over. there where two boys the same grade as hollis listening to dr.dre sitting on the back porch. chao xian then told hollis something, and the boys traslated. he said that before he would take him as a student, he would have to see if hollis was serious, and skilled enough. the boys introduced themselves as will, and tommy, they would be hollis only brothers (in kung-fu, we call our classmates brothers).hollis and the boys talked for a little bit, and they told him of how, their 51 year old grandpa was a monk at the shaiolin temple for 20 years, and hollis felt even more honored so hollis was put through many streneous exercises, and he had to spar with will and tommy. chao xiang said that he accepted hollis. the next year, when hollis was in the eighth grade, sifu xiang sasked hollis, that since was skilled enough in shaiolin, and had the body and mind for it if he wanted to practice tae shing pekwar(monkey kung fu) and zi quan(drunken boxing) since sifu xiang himself was extremely skilled in them both. hollis accepted.so for the next two years hollis trained under sifu xiang, entering many tournements and gotten in many fights(which i usually never start, and aint my fault). but then, in hollis's sophmore year in highschool, a student was talking about his sister. hollis heard of this and told the guy to back off. the next day, the student and two of his friends jumped on hollis while he was walking home. but hollis beat the three guys.even though they were beaten, hollis kept beating on the one that was talking about his sister, hospitalizing him. the family of the student took hollis to court, and he was charged with aggrivated assult, and sentaced to six months in the state juvinile detention facility for 6 months.however, near the end of the first month, two witnesses came fourth and claimed an identical story as hollis, saying that hollis was jumped, and only defending himself. so he was released and his record was erased. when hollis got home, his mother said that she was going tosend him off to live somewhere else to be in a better enviroment the next school year. so hollis saw his master again and explained what happened.he trained for one year, and then, with some of the money he saved from his tournements, and some of his college money, he flew to japan, and got an apartment. he is now a junior and the new student in school.hoping for the best.

Personality: hollis doesnt really take anything that seriously besides girls and fighting. he usually has a confident "fuck with me if you want to"looking frown on his face, but is actually quite calm. he likes to joke around and be silly sometimes, and sometimes like to be cool and collected.he is extremely tactical, and strategic. he can also seem cold sometimes, and is not the best person to confide in. he also loves hip-hop, and its style.

Dating: only dated a few people at his old school. usually has many late night, "hook-ups". is considered to be a player

Other: (everything i said in my background is true about me in real life except the part about moving to japan of course)

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PostSubject: Re: Hollis Edwards   Hollis Edwards Icon_minitimeThu May 14, 2009 7:14 pm

Approved but shorten the backgroun dont need it that long
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Hollis Edwards
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