High school brawl!!!
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This is a tribute to all martial art/high school based Manga.
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 Tatakai ijin / Tatsujin Kira

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PostSubject: Tatakai ijin / Tatsujin Kira   Tatakai ijin / Tatsujin Kira Icon_minitimeThu May 28, 2009 11:09 am

Name: Tatakai ijin
Nickname : Tatsujin Kira ( Master Killer )
Age: 14
Gender : Male
Height : 160cm
Weight : 45kg
Eye Colour : Blood Red
Appearance (pics acceptable): Maybe l8tr

Weapon (optional): Pair of Gold Gauntlets ( Covers forearm only used for blocking ) & a Pratice Blade ( will say which one l8tr )

Fighting Style: Doragon Dageki ( Clan's Unique Martial Art ) Berserk Style ( My Own Unique Style )

Background: I , Tatakai ijin , comes from a " clan " of Fighters who gets paid to assasinate , even member of the clan must come to this school at the age of 15 , they are required to ace the school or be banished from the clan forever. I hav mastered the Doragon Dageki at 12 , killed 49 at the age of 13 , gained the nickname Tatsujin Kira ( Master Killer ) from people outside my clan who heard rumors abt me. I was sent to this School one year early as my clan thought i was powerful enough.

Personality: Scary .......
Dating: No One
Other: Others as in ??

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PostSubject: Re: Tatakai ijin / Tatsujin Kira   Tatakai ijin / Tatsujin Kira Icon_minitimeFri May 29, 2009 10:44 am

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Tatakai ijin / Tatsujin Kira
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